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WebProtectMe Safe Browser 1.9.22 in the App Store PDF Print E-mail
Safe Browser 1.9.22 Released!
available on the app store
Apple Approves DigiTar’s WebProtectMe™ Mobile Application for Resale on Apple’s App Store. PDF Print E-mail

For Immediate Release:

Boise, ID – 20 August 2014:   DigiTar, Inc. announced today Apple’s “Ready for Sale” approval of DigiTar’s new mobile device web protection application featuring “Parental Controls” for shielding family members from unsavory / salacious web site content and unrestricted search results.

 itunes connect approval aug202015

With the addition of Parental Controls integrated into the WebProtectMe functionality, “We now offer the most complete web & cyber protection solution to families and households on the most popular Apple mobile devices” said Dale Williams, President of DigiTar, Inc.

“We know our customers will enjoy using WebProtectMe™ on Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices, and anticipate that new customers will experience these amazing protection features with great relief from the concerns of on-line Chat Rooms, Tasteless Web Sites, and Cyber threat attacks on members of their household.”

WebProtectMe™ Basic service is available free of charge at Apple’s iTunes Store;

WebProtectMe™ Premium service is offered as an in-App Upgrade from the Apple iTunes Store.

MSPs Should Brace For Cloud Security Impact PDF Print E-mail

"MSPs accustomed to managing on-customer premise security solutions take note: your business is moving to the cloud. Security in the cloud is growing steadily. Gartner Inc. predicts that..."


Chairman Emeritus of Leibniz Supercomputer Center, Garching Germany, joins DigiTar, Inc., SaaS / Cloud Security Services Company, Boise Idaho, as Advisory Board Member - Director. PDF Print E-mail
Boise, Idaho USA – 13 March 2014:
DigiTar, Inc. announced today the expansion of its Advisory Board of Directors by the addition of Professor Dr. Heinz-Gerd Hegering, Chairman Emeritus Leibniz Supercomputer Center, Garching Germany, Full Professor at University of Munich, and previously a Member of the Board of the German Research Network (DFN), and Member of the Technical Committee.
DigiTar’s President, Dale Williams, noted: “Dr. Hegering brings to DigiTar an unparalleled comprehensive technical experience in management of data networks, as well as the construction, and operations of computing centers. Dr. Hegering’s leadership with the management of security concepts for innovative IT services and grid computing is unparalleled. His track record of developing and building advanced computing technologies that have achieved outstanding performance results is renowned. We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Hegering‘s participation and expertise involved with DigiTar’s proprietary CyberSec & eCommunications services and business development programs.”
Dr. Hegering’s Scientific Expertise: In 1979 he headed the development of the first major data processing networks and built the first Ethernet LAN in Germany. From 1984 to 2008, he led the advancement of technical management of heterogeneous data networks. Since 2001 he has been a member of the National Coordinating Committee for High Performance Computing at the Science Council. Since 2002 he has worked on the steering committee of the German e-Science initiative D- Grid and was principal to the establishment of a sustainable national Grid infrastructure. In 2006 Hegering was instrumental in the founding of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS). Since 2007 he has been a member the board of the GCS, and since 2008, its chairman.
Dr. Hegering has been a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Network and Systems Management, and IEEE Transactions on Systems Management further the Advisory Council PIK (practice of information processing and communication).
  • 2001: Dan Stoke Berry Memorial Award, awarded by the IEEE and IFIP "for his outstanding contributions to the field of Integrated ` Management"
  • 2004: Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 2005: Medal of Merit of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences ( BAdW )
  • 2009: Bene Merenti in gold of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences ( BAdW )
  • 2009: Bavarian Order of Merit
  • 2009 : Fellow of the German Society for computer science (GI)
Your Data, Information & Communications are Yours alone...and only Yours! PDF Print E-mail

Since the news broke about the so-called PRISM surveillance and data collection program run by the NSA, we’ve seen a lot of questions regarding whether Internet companies can be forced by the government to access and disclose data that is stored by customers in the cloud or in dedicated environments.

It is DigiTar’s policy that we will not access, transfer, or deliver data stored by our customers on DigiTar SaaS systems to any government authorities other than pursuant to a properly issued, lawful request from appropriate law enforcement officials or other order from a competent Legal body of the country in which our systems are physically located. This applies to requests from law enforcement and includes those made under the Patriot Act. By agreement, our customers own the data they store on DigiTar systems.

This includes allowing them full control of the resources, and control of passwords used to access their data. Because of this, we take the view that, in legal terms, DigiTar has no “possession” over customer stored data; and that we are legally prohibited from accessing that data on our own.

DigiTar has not participated in any data mining or collection of customer data located within its hosted environments for U.S. law enforcement or security agencies, including the PRISM program. We are adamant about protecting the privacy rights of our customers and we continue to enforce policies to ensure customer-owned data is secure.

For a more detailed look at our approach to the issue and our view of the law, Please see:



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