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DigiTar Management Team
Dale W. Williams - Chairman / President:
30+ years of executive management experience with high technology corporations, including:
Chairman / Chief Executive - DigiTar Inc.
President / Chief Executive - Beacon International Inc.;
President - Zoran VLSIsemiconductor, Inc;
Vice President / General Manager,  Far East Operations - Rockwell International;
Founder / Director of  Marketing, Microcomputer Division - Intel Corporation;
Director of Sales/Marketing VLSI Technology Division - Fairchild Semiconductor, Inc;
Senior Development Engineer, Space Labs Electronics Division - The Boeing Company.
Extensive management  experience in VLSI Solid-State, MicroComputer, e-Business, Data/Voice Communications industries as an entrepreneur and business development expert. Prominent success in launching new businesses and directing operations for Fortune 50 companies worldwide.
Education: Electrical Engineering -California State Unversity; Business/Financial Management - University of Southern Cailfornia and Wharton School of Financial Management/Unversity of Pennsylvania; International Business Marketing Law - University of Southern California.
Jason J. W. Williams - Vice President /Chief Operations Officer / Director::
10+ years experience in computer networking applications markets including:
Cyber Security & eMessaging Technology Developer and Founder - DigiTar, LLP;
Computer Network Services Developer/Engineer - Independent Services Provider;
Information Technology Manager IT and Network Consultant -  State of Idaho;
Professional Certifications: Cyber Security gateway systems Expert and Charter Member of the ISSA and US Homeland Security Leadership Alliance. Networking Beta systems Test Analyst Expert for SUN Microsystems, Inc. Advanced Achietecture Development Group.
Education: BA from Washington & Lee University in Virginia, USA. Advanced studies in the U.S. and Europe and continued  research of global Cyber Security communications technology trends, services and products.


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