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 Kids stumble on graphic pictures. Lonely students search for information on violence and suicide. Good men and husbands struggle with the powerful temptation of pornography.

These aren’t problems that affect other people; they’re hard challenges our families deal with.

Luke Angus at First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley was searching for a way to help families in the community ensure the positive web experiences they wanted. First Baptist reaches roughly 150 kids in their area in middle school, high school, and some college age as well.

“There aren’t that many solutions for families out there, and everything I tested left a lot to be desired,” said Luke. It was then he discovered WebProtectMe. Its family and parental controls acted less like a snooping hall monitor and more like a trusted trail guide, helping families keep away from the dangers and pitfalls of the full internet in their pocket while providing peace of mind and increased trust for every member of the family. 

“What impressed me the most is it actually works as a web browser. That was the biggest problem with the other solutions I tried: They were very slow and crashed so much, they were just unusable.”  A child might have to live with that, but no teenager or adult would put up with it, Luke explained. He was surprised when WebProtectMe not only provided great filtering, but was actually reliable and well maintained—crafted with the web experience an adult would expect.

That’s why First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley has chosen to promote WebProtectMe to their members: to help assist their efforts to empower the accountability and safety their families want on the web.

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 Protecting Families & Guiding Accountability


“The search for a solution started with our high school guys group...it’s a pretty powerful thing for a teenage guy to ask his parents for help staying accountable rather than the other way around. Apple's built-in parental controls were largely worthless...so many false positives I had to go through nearly every site on a regular basis and whitelist each one. WebProtectMe’s ability to whitelist sites remotely is genius and incredibly helpful. Some of my high school guys served as testers for other safe browser apps, and within a few days, not a single guy would continue using them. They were not well maintained or developed—slow, crashy, and unreliable.

WebProtectMe has worked really well and they’ve been very supportive of us and our program.”

Luke Angus, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church of Big Bear Valley

At DigiTar we believe in protecting people. We believe in crafting tools that help you look after the people and things you care about. We want to listen when you have a problem and to make it right.

When you're with us, you're family.


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