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Safe Browser 1.10 is out!
Now with Search Phrase Blocking, Tumblr Safe Search and SafeArmor Privacy.

We've been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with new Safe Search features and even better Privacy

So we're proud to announce our expanded safe searching features:
  • Enforce Safe Search on Tumblr. We've added Tumblr to our Safe Search support! We enforce Tumblr's "safe mode" to automatically filter out adult and offensive items when searching on tumblr.com. Safely search tumblr.com without having to block it!
  • Block sites Tumblr has self-rated as Adult or NSFW. We always block Tumblr blogs (based on web address) that our team has analyzed as sexual or adult. Now we've added another layer of safety! If Tumblr's team (or the blog's owner) has self-rated one of their hosted sites as containing adult or NSFW content, we now recognize the Tumblr content rating and prevent the blog from loading. This means both WebProtectMe's analysis team and Tumblr's own ratings are working together to provide a dual-layer of protection on Tumblr's 196 million blog sites!
  • Automatic search term blocking from our curated list of offensive words and phrases. This list is in addition to the "safe modes" we already enforce that are provided by Google, Yahoo, Bing, Vimeo and Youtube. For example...we block "p**p".
  • Custom blocked search terms.
    Add your own blocked words and phrases to either your household protection or on a per-user basis. Supports wildcards like chick*, to block chick, chicks, chicken, etc.
  • Custom allowed search terms.
    Add your own allowed words and phrases to either your household protection or on a per-user basis. These terms act like a whitelist to override any matching phrase that would normally be blocked. Enables you to allow exactly the terms you need, while still blocking the terms you want forbidden.
Every search, every page, every connection protected by WebProtectMe SafeArmor...
  • Protects ALL of your browsing. We've always protected the security of your connections to SSL sites (like your bank, Facebook, and others). To take this to the next level we've created SafeArmor. It completely revamps the way we communicate with WebProtectMe servers so that ALL Safe Browser communication is now encrypted using our SafeArmor privacy system...even for web sites that aren't normally encrypted.
  • State of the art elliptic-curve encryption. We’re combining state-of-the art Elliptic Curve & AES 256-bit encryption (iOS 8) to make your data as secure as possible (on iOS7 we have to use 128bit AES encryption but it's still strong).
  • Stops snoopers hard. If someone is snooping on traffic from your device, all they'll see is that you are connected to WebProtectMe...not what you're surfing...not where you're surfing.
  • ...and if a snooper tries to fool Safe Browser that its a WebProtectMe server (even using a certificate from a "trusted authority") Safe Browser will notice that too and will notify you immediately! Our SafeArmor system ensures Safe Browser talk only to certified WebProtectMe servers.
  • Anonymize your web traffic.Once your traffic reaches our servers it is mixed with all of our customers traffic before it leaves our servers to be retrieved from the web, helping anonymize your traffic. 
  • Your freedom is important to us.SafeArmor is standard on all accounts (even Basic). We want to protect you not only from offensive and malicious content, but protect your privacy too! Even in countries that make their citizens go through government-controlled firewalls and filters. 
  • We're very proud of SafeArmor! It's been over 4 months of work, but it's been totally worth it.
How to take advantage of these new features.

It's simple...upgrade to Safe Browser 1.10.10 on the App Store (if you still see 1.9.22, give it about an hour...Apple is pushing it out to all the App Store regions right now):

(or webprotectme.com/iosapp)

You have to be using Safe Browser 1.10 or newer to take advantage of SafeArmor and Search Phrase Blocking. 

Customers with Premium plans will also see a new "blocked search terms" and "allowed search terms" sections when customizing Protection.

If you have any questions, please ask us:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- The WebProtectMe Team!
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