Safe Browser 1.10.22 is out! Print
Safe Browser 1.10.22 is out!
Now with OneBar auto-suggestions from Google, your history and more!

We've been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with new Searching and usability features!

So we're proud to announce our new features:
  • Auto suggestions for OneBar! One of our most requested features! As you type into the OneBar (address bar) we now present a list of related suggestions from Google, your History and Bookmarks! Give it a shot!
  • Enforce Strong Privacy Toggle. With our Strong Privacy enhancements in the last release, Safe Browser will refuse to send your requests when it detects someone is intercepting your browsing. This can cause issues with certain WiFi/Internet providers in public areas (schools, some cafes, etc.) that require you to let them impersonate and intercept your browsing. So we've added a toggle to Settings->Protection called "Enforce Strong Privacy" that will let you allow your browsing to be intercepted if your WiFI/Internet/school provider requires it.
  • Tapping Address Bar URL Pre-Selects Text. Tapping on the text in the address bar to edit it, now pre-selects the text to make it easier to delete (mimics Safari's behavior).
How to take advantage of these new features.

It's simple...upgrade to Safe Browser 1.10.22 on the App Store (if you still see 1.10.10 give it about an hour...Apple is pushing it out to all the App Store regions right now):


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