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Safe Browser 2.0 is out! Special features for iOS 9!
Try browsing Handoff, Spotlight history & bookmark search, Split View & more!

We've been hard at work on enhancing Safe Browser with exciting new features, including special features for iOS 9! This is our biggest release since 1.0!

So we're proud to announce our new features (especially the iOS 9 ones!):
  • "Open In" support! (iBooks, Kindle, Evernote & more). It allows you to send the current webpage/document to another iOS app that supports that document type. For example, you can open a PDF in Dropbox, or add it to iBooks. Also, if you try to download a .epub, .mobi, or .azw (Kindle book) file in Safe Browser, we will automatically pop-up the "Open In" function so you can send it to iBooks, Kindle or another app (previously opening these types of URLs would do nothing).
  • Handoff Support! Continue browsing from one iOS device onto another. If you use Safe Browser on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) that share an iCloud account, you can now continue browsing the current page in Safe Browser on another iOS device! It makes it dead easy to transfer reading a page from Safe Browser on your iPhone to your iPad! Just swipe up the Safe Browser icon from the lock screen on the device you want to continue the browsing on, and Safe Browser will launch and load the page you were reading!
  • (iOS 9 only) Spotlight integration for History & Bookmarks! As you browse and bookmark pages, your history visits and bookmarks will now be indexed by iOS Spotlight. That means they'll show up when you use your device-wide search, just like Safari! Can't remember if you looked at your flight info in an e-mail or in Safe Browser? No problem! Just search Spotlight on your device for "ticket" and any matches from your Safe Browser history and bookmarks will show up alongside matches from Mail and your other apps! Just tap the bookmark or history match and Safe Browser will launch automatically and load the page.
  • (iOS 9 only) Spotlight direct shortcuts to Bookmarks, History, Protection, Account Info & more. We've added direct shortcuts in Spotlight for "View Bookmarks", "View History", "Change Protection", "View/Update Account Info" and "Configure Device Restrictions". These are all indexed to come up for questions like "disable safari" or "change protection". If you search Spotlight for questions like "change filtering", you will see a match for "Change Protection" under Safe Browser, and when you tap it, you'll be taken directly into Safe Browser to the Protection settings.
  • (iOS 9 only) Split-screen & Slide-over Multitasking. Run Safe Browser alongside other apps in split-screen mode! Just swipe left from the right screen edge while running Safe Browser to open a new app and run it alongside...so you can do 2 things at once. On iPad Air 2 or newer, you can resize the split between Safe Browser and the other app so each is exactly the size you want. Also, if you're in another app like Calendar and want to run Safe Browser alongside, just swipe left from the right screen edge and launch Safe Browser from the list of "slide-over" capable apps on your iOS device.
  • (iPhone 6S & 6S Plus) Quick Actions. If your device supports 3D Touch, force touch the Safe Browser home screen icon to quick launch directly into Bookmarks, History, Change Protection, and more!
  • (iOS 9 only) App Thinning Support. All app images (buttons, icons, backgrounds, etc.) have been repackaged so that the App Store can perform App Thinning and only send the images your device needs, resulting in a smaller app size. For example, if you have an iPhone 6, only retina iPhone icons will be downloaded from the app store not also the iPad appropriate icons.
How to take advantage of these new features.

It's simple...upgrade to Safe Browser 2.0.16 on the App Store (if you still see 1.10.40, give it about an hour...Apple is pushing it out to all the App Store regions right now):

(or webprotectme.com/iosapp)

You have to be running iOS 8 or newer to install Safe Browser 2.0. iOS 9 support every device that iOS 7 does except for the iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S or newer is fine). Its a free upgrade, so upgrade today!

If you have any questions, please ask us:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- The WebProtectMe Team!
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